Rental Rules

What is a minimum term of rent?
Minimum rental length by EgiCarRent is three days (72 hours).

What are EgiCarRent requirements to the driver?
The driver should be at least 25 years old and with a 2 year driving experience. The Contract may envisage an additional driver meeting the above requirements. Additional driver is free of charge, just inform in advance.

What is the rent charge of an EgiCarRent car?
The rent charge is calculated per 24 hours which includes technical maintenance, insurance costs, deliveries, free mileage and VAT. The rent charge does not include fuel costs. In case the car is returned later than one hour after the time indicated an additional charge for 24 hours is collected.

How is the car rent paid for?
The payments by credit cards VISA, MASTERCARD,  MAESTRO and AMERICAN EXPRESS shall be made at the moment of delivery of the car and signing a rental contract.

Are EgiCarRent cars insured?
For customers to feel safe all cars have been insured against accidents, thefts and losses caused by third persons.

How is fuel paid for?
For your convenience cars are rented with a full fuel tank and the customer has to return the car with a full tank, as well. The customer may return the car with an unfilled tank but in such a case the customer has to cover the filling costs of EUR 2,00 per fuel liter.

How much does the car supply outside Riga cost?
EgiCarRent provides your complete independence and mobility upon supplying a car anyplace and anytime in the Latvian territory. Within the territory of the City of Riga the car supply and handover are done without an additional charge, however, in the rest of the Latvian territory an additional charge is collected of EUR 0.40 per every kilometer. In case the place of the car supply or return differs from the one indicated in the application or contract the customer is obliged to inform EgiCarRent about it not later than 12 hours before the time of the deed.

What is the car equipped with?
Volkswagen Passat B7 cars are equipped with diesel engines, automatic transmission, cruise control, parking sensors, leather saloon, air conditioning, radio and CD, and wide range of electrical equipment.



  • TomTom navigation
  • Child seat
  • Booster seat

The car may be additionally equipped free of charge with a TomTom navigation and a child's seat upon ordering it in advance in the reservation application. Nevertheless, security deposit EUR 200 will be requested for TomTom navigation. To make you comfortable EgiCarRent will consider any customer's wishes regarding desirable facilities.

Every customer is special for us, and it is our task to provide comfort to every customer. EgiCarRent is open to any wishes regarding additional services or proposals for the provision of your conveniences during the whole rent period. Just ask, and we shall help!

Contacts: , Mobile: +371 25705475
Legal address: EGI LTD, Tervetes str. 80, Jelgava, Latvia LV 3008